Yesterday’s meetup provided visitors of EHV Innovation Café with insights into Artifical Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Nowadays the debate seems to be frequently around whether AI will kill humanity or not. But do we really know what AI is? Vijay Nadadur, CEO of Stride, gave a dynamic and reassuring talk about the (im)possibilities of Artifical Intelligence, stating that ‘being afraid of AI is like being afraid of Dracula, the horror only exist in your mind”. He also got heads nodding in agreement to his belief that “humans are more likely to agree with the science of AI than eachother”.

Chairwoman of the new Hyperspace Institute, VR-expert Frederike Manders, introduced her new organization that aims to stimulate the sharing of knowledge both among professionals and between professionals and users to make the discipline more broadly accessible at a faster rate and with a wider impact. She is convinced that Virtual and Augmented Reality and can and will have a big impact on society. This new professional association is dedicated to sharing knowledge within these fields, raising the standards and commiting to quality and valuable applications from VR and AR. How can VR and AR experiences enhance humanity in real life?