Recent graduates Alexandra Genis, Alorah Harman and Studio Joachim Morineau joined this edition to show their graduation projects and discuss their creative process with our community. It was a great afternoon for discovering some promising creative minds before they go ‘mainstream’. These trailblazers dared to question their environment and have come up with inspiring innovations.

Alorah Harman (Institute of Emergents) thought of a mobile laboratory for growing and documenting multidisciplinary collaboration.

With their project Moca, Studio Joachim Morineau tries aims to push the boundaries of the ceramic world. This ceramic research is based on a newly developed dripping machine, combining technology and craft with a human/natural touch.

Alexandra Genis‘s Atoma deals with artifical flavoring. There are simply not enough strawberries in the world to flavor all our strawberry flavored products with natural strawberries. When looking at flavors, natural or artificial, in the end it is all just molecules. What if all flavor components would be accessible in the domestic kitchen and consumers could create their own aroma compositions?