AI enthusiast and specialist Sako Arts is convinced that Articifical Intelligence can be utilized to help improve business, society, education and with that the overall quality of life itself. Sharing more information about the technology that it is powered by and what AI applications can do, Arts gave insight into how the concept is brought into practice.

What is human, and what is object? A special collaboration between scientists Dan Jing Wu and Patricia Dankers (both from Eindhoven University of Technology) and designer Hongjie Yang has led to a series of unique, imaginative art objects. This ‘semi-human vase’; a 3D-printed mold in the shape of three different vases cultured with patches of human cells, made headlines last week as it provoked peoples thoughts on how the border between human and object is fading. PhD candidate Dan Jing Wu talked about this project and the development of intelligent and responsive biomaterials.

Special thanks to Buster Franken.