It’s Dutch Technology Week and this week’s EHV Innovation Café was all about tech and creativity! With the purpose to innovate together in a fun environment with some drinks, using an age-old process, to ferment those ideas, distill and bottle them to mature over time. Dream enabler Colin Burke (ZEYBRA MAG): “Fermenting ideas together, opening space for creativity, expressing our authentic message from ideation to fruition. Drink beer for big ideas and coffee to get them done.”

The Idea Brewery is a workshop in which we welcome together people of all backgrounds, ages, and experiences to tease out ideas, mix, match and work together. All are welcome and there’s no such thing as a stupid idea. The goal here is to innovate together in a fun environment with some drinks. Throughout the “fermentation process”, we will form naturally occurring connections with other participants as our ideas mingle and match. This is the power of true collaboration. At the end of the process, one can expect to walk away with a clear idea on paper, some goals to get started and a partner or even a team to take the idea to the next stage (and hopefully fruition).