Design researcher Renee Noortman uses future scenarios to encourage people to envision and shape the future. She obtained both her BSc and MSc from Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology, where she is soon to start her PhD. In EHV Innovation Café she brought the future to the present in order to openly discuss and debate it, so we can create the future we want to see! Renee will share insights in the design process of the ECO village: people could interact with the future through the AR app and learn how they shaped society through the actions they perform today. They will definitely know which is better: re-using a plastic bag 3 times, or using a cotton bag 10 times, taking shorter showers or skipping that hamburger for once.

Did you ever work in a team with people from different backgrounds? Laura Jonker talked about co-responsibility. She developed a boardgame to create a co-responsible environment for heart failure patients. The board game is meant to help the heart failure patients set their own path of co-responsible smart goals – co-goals – in an interactive and easy manner, along with their family. It encourages reflection, support and building habits.

This edition was made possible by Art + Tech Society.