With the growing demand, polluting fossil fuels (oil, coal & natural gas) that cause global warming and climate change are depleting and the integration of sustainable energy sources to our conventional energy systems seems inevitable. Developing countries are more vulnerable to climate change due to their lack of financial and structural means to quickly adapt to these abrupt changes. Clean and sustainable energy could lead to smooth energy transition and might open up new possibilities to achieve higher development and living standards. Join us and get a better understanding of how the energy transition is being shaped in developing countries, and what kind of obstacles are preventing its smooth implementation.

The event format consisted of 2 talks in the duration of 30 minutes each from 2 eminent speakers on one topic. After the speakers, there will be 2 presentations of “Integrated Project of the Year” in the duration of 5-8 minutes each from the InnoEnergy Master students, who performed their research projects in developing countries.

Henny Romijn is an Associate Professor and Chair of Technology and Development in the research and teaching group Technology, Innovation and Society at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). A development economist by training, her main specialization is technological innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development in the Global South, especially in the domain of renewable energy renewable energy and sanitation. Her main geographical focus areas are Eastern Africa and Indonesia.

Jonathan Schulte works at the intersection between the engineering and the software department at AMMP. AMMP provides operations solutions for portfolios of off-grid, mini-grid, and grid-edge energy assets in emerging markets. The title of his talk is “How IoT enables operational excellence for off-grid systems at scale – A case study from Nigeria”. In his talk, he presented how AMMP worked together with the local developer Rensource to enable implementation, hardware, and monitoring of a renewable power supply for 12.000 local shops. These shops belong to the Sabon Gari Market in Nigeria and were previously powered by diesel power.

Development of eco-farm “ECOL” in Brasil – Sai Sri Harsha Pallerlamudi – MSc SELECT at TU/e
The third presentation was on an international project, carried out by a team of 11 students, located at 4 different universities. The project is developed in collaboration with an NGO in Brazil, Eco-Caminhos. The topic of the project is the development of an Ecofarm “ECOL”, which will be completely self-sustainable. The Ecofarm is envisioned to be the central hub for the whole park with an area of 18 000 sqm. This will be achieved through employing practices from circular economy and waste-to-energy measures.
The presentation will be given by Sai Sri Harsha Pallerlamudi, a Mechanical engineer currently pursuing Masters in the field of Sustainable Energy Systems. He has experience working in hydraulics systems manufacturing and is very passionate about discussing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Development of a sustainable living and building model for Puerto Rico – Laura Perez & Anny Lim – MSc SELECT at TU/e
Our second project presentation was about a project carried out by 8 students in collaboration with GRAN COSA Inc., a non-profit organization based in Puerto Rico. The topic of their project is “Development of a sustainable living and building model for Puerto Rico” with three main tasks: 1) Sustainable and resilient energy system through implementation of solar PV for farming irrigation system, 2) Renovation of a house into a more energy-efficient and sustainable design with focuses on the energy, water and food cycles, 3) Community education and engagement on sustainable and hurricane-resilient lifestyle.
The presentation will be given by Laura Perez and Anny Lim, who are both pursuing their second year of the international MSc SELECT Master’s Programme at TU/e, within the departments Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences and Mechanical Engineering, respectively.

This edition was made possible by CommUnity by InnoEnergy.