A shift in societal paradigms is needed to solve the problems that society currently encounters like climate change, COVID-19 pandemic, loss of biodiversity, etc. Art + Tech Society (ATS) believes that as a society, we need to think and act differently in order to propose innovative solutions and paths that transform us to a better society. For this, at personal and community level, we need to develop and practice new soft abilities that enable us to envision and create together a city where all of us love to live in. During this presentation, Art + Tech Society shared their perspective on this paradigm shift and the actions that is taking to start creating change at local level.

Mayra Ortega-Maldonado is a sustainability consultant with more than 15 years of experience developing sustainability-oriented projects. This experience has made her realized that empowerment of people and communities can radically change people’s life. In 2009, by following her passion for nature, she introduced the concept of Biomimicry in the Netherlands. And in 2016, she discovered the potentiality of the combination art, technology and entrepreneurship as societal change agents. This was the motto to initiate and now manage Art + Tech Society, a new foundation in Eindhoven committed to create a better future by providing activities where reflection, awareness and empowerment of people and organizations takes place.

Equal table is a new type of workshop, interactive discussions. Promotes a positive conversation giving everyone involved a voice (even the ones who usually are more reluctant to speak) without judgement (every perspective is valid as long as its respectful). It also adds the value to not only focus on the what you are discussing, but also the how you are discussing it, from hearing feedback from other participants on how you were perceived.

This edition is made possible by Foundation Art + Tech Society.


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