After reviewing the ancient and modern concepts of technologies, political implications of technologies will be highlighted. Through multiple examples the question will be investigated how reinforcing democratization, responsibility, and beneficence can play as crucial values in order to achieve responsible innovations. Beside the artistic and engineering aspects of technologies and innovations we should pay extra attention to their political consequences. Shift from ‘disruptiveness’ to ‘beneficence’ is needed.

Peter Novitzky is a lecturer at the TU/Eindhoven and a post-doctoral researcher at the Avans Hogeschool. Peter’s appointment follows research roles working on multiple European research projects, and at the National University of Singapore. He successfully completed his PhD in applied philosophy at Dublin City University (Ireland), where he specialised in the ethics of artificial intelligence for vulnerable populations. His research interests focus on the intersection of bioethics, ethics of technology, research integrity, and responsible innovation.

This edition was made possible by Art + Tech Society.

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