Heat is a basic need. What we currently largely obtain from gas, is already available in the form of industrial residual heat from industry, data centres and horticulture. Cellcius Heat Battery Technology makes the utilisation of this waste heat possible. With this technology, they make it fast, CO2-neutral and affordable. Within the EU founded Heat Insyde project, the heat battery was further developed and will be installed in 4 demo sites across different climates in Europe.

Olaf Adan’s research focuses on understanding the physics of transport and phase changes in complex permeable media as to better engineer materials for a sustainable society, including ​materials for energy storage and ​technological porous materials. Convinced of its societal impact and huge economic potential, he focuses on building the Heat Battery Technology to introduce this product in the consumer market.

The best participation has co-creation AND co-validation. With Dembrane Evelien & Jorim are developing the most audacious e-democracy platform in Europe. In this brief workshop you get a sneak peak of parts of our method and insight into the core ideas that drive us as young socio-technical entrepreneurs.