Innovate at startup speed: develop new products and services that are 10x better, at 10% of the costs. Joost van de Velde (KTC) wants to teach you how to think like Elon and Be Muskalicious! He showed us what it takes to start a start up.

A real introduction to blockchain: Its origins are in conspiracy theory; the major adopters are crooks and gold diggers, and the killer application is a bubble machine. What is this amazingly inefficient database technology all about? From the inner circle of the fin-tech, blockchain mania, Martijn Rutten explained the underlying principles to the uninitiated. Without ever calling it a “distributed ledger” and using a single line of code.

Is logging out becoming an illusion? The last generation that can still distinguish between on- and offline is living today and will disappear. All others grow up onlife. Humankind has never lived in a society in which so many data is saved. An ever-creasing number of devices is becoming part of the internet, i.e. ‘the Internet of Things’ (IoT). This talk by Katleen Gabriels discussed ethical implications of IoT and argues that an onlife society should never lose sight of the good life: technological progress also has to imply ethical progress, in the public interest.

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