How to design on an emotional level? Technology is volatile and companies need to move closer to the consumer to ensure their brands have a sustainable future. Having founded GBO Innovation Makers alongside two friends in an Eindhoven garage back in 1989, Bas Berkhout has a lot of experience working on projects with a great sense of technology and design.

Mirjam Wouters lets us gain insight into how Philips Research drives disruptive innovation through internal hackathons. These challenges based on business needs trigger the internal community, consisting of scientists, business consultants and designers to deliver out of the box ideas and change in the organization.

How can businesses use their data to communicate to everybody? With this talk about new ways to adapt knowledge of (information) design, speaker Lola Lorite explains how visual skills can contribute to a fresh perspective on how a company communicates. She will discuss the process of studying at a design education and how to apply design knowledge to the innovation industry.