This edition of EHV Innovation Café coincided with the opening of the new Kazerne exhibition HOPE, curated by Ilse Crawford and Oscar Peña. They shared their vision on design as well as the concept behind this group exhibition, which celebrates the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) departments led by them.

Ilse Crawford is both the founder of DAE’s ‘Man and Well-Being’ department and Studioilse, where she has pioneered the power and potential of wellbeing values in design across brands, spaces, furniture and objects. Co-curator Oscar Peña, head of DAE’s ‘Man and Activity’, is a creative director, industrial product designer and co-principal of Studioilse.

Exploring the theme’s of Careful Tech, Local Authority and Being Well, the overall exhibition design of HOPE was done by Buro BELéN. As in every exhibition in Kazerne, the work of promising talents stands next to that of established talents.

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