Ricky van Broekhoven (Studio van Broekhoven) is fascinated by events that are usually hidden, but can be experienced under the right conditions; the earth shaking as tectonic plates collide, radiation in space from the beginning of time, sound waves traveling through the body. He’s intrigued by things that are bigger than him as a human being, and our physical reaction to natural phenomena. In his laboratory studio, he engineers otherworldly objects, immersive spaces, and synesthetic machines. Curious? Join his talk (we also recommend a visit to his exhibition that is currently on show in TAC).

Tom Bergman (Studio Tom) will introduce you to the world of dynamic light effects. He specializes in a new art discipline: the creation of (content for) Light Instruments and their wonderful promises. His talk – with working prototypes! – will demonstrate, for example, the mesmerizing effect that can be used to fight burnouts. He’ll also talk about the help of and integration in other art disciplines like music, choreography, and animation.

This edition was made possible by Art + Tech Society.