Zuzanna Skalska is a Dutch/Polish trandwatcher and trend analyst, who is running her own 360 Inspiration Consultancy. She graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven and used to work for Philips Design and Van Berlo.

Zuzanna has been on the board of advise of Dutch Design Week for many years.

Future business development and innovation lies outside the possibilities that companies are able to foresee today. The only way to prepare a company for a better future is through understanding a wider context and cross-pollination from various industries. Fortunately, industry does not exist alone on this planet. Instead, it co-exists in a very close relation with other industries but also with our urban development, and way of working or even with the demographic changes. If decision makers do not look at their enterprises’ future beyond their immediate horizon, in a more holistic way, they can just as well start working on an exit strategy today. Shareholders, or investors, will in no time, find other leaders and companies that better understand changes taking place outside the company’ box. It is the VUCA* time – the most polarized time in the business.

*VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous

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