Inclusion is how we unlearn our biases and how we change the culture, not others. Inclusion is about how an organization and the people within it make you feel. Do you feel supported? Accepted? Do you feel you have a fair opportunity to advance? These feelings come from your experiences at the organization, your stories.

Diversity is nothing without an inclusive workplace culture. There is no doubt that in this multidimensional and complex society, focusing on maximizing the value of a diverse workforce has almost become a business imperative. While we are extensively focused on hiring for diversity, there’s one part of the equation that we do not often talk about; namely – fostering an inclusive workplace culture. An inclusive workplace culture makes diversity work.

This event is a part of Expat Spouses Initiative‘s Inclusion ecosystem series, through which they aim to harness the power of diverse talent, policymakers, and action to create a more inclusive and just ecosystem.

This edition is made possible by Expat Spouses Initiative.