Success is a construct that has been strongly shaped by our culture and society. It is often equal to money, status and performance. Whereas this is not wrong, it covers only a small part of the possibilities of our lives. Since Patrizia Fazli started working as a young graduate, the question of how to be successful and what this actually means, has had a great impact on her personal journey. In this talk, she shared her personal experience and insights on this topic. There is a huge field of research still underused for this purpose, that offers amazing tools to find out what we want from our life and how we can achieve our goals. As part of her new business, her mission is to inspire and enable people to find what they truly want from life and how to set up their minds in order to be successful.

It is scientifically proven that the use of 100% botanical perfume in an environment stimulates well-being and health. SOM Tales of Perfume wants to create awareness so that a botanical perfume in an environment or interior is chosen for its valuable capacities over a (partly) synthetic variant. As a creative director at SOM Tales of Perfume, Yves Dupuits has found the perfect challenge in working with olfactory information as an extra, indispensable dimension for the future of well-being and health for leisure, living and working environments. Do you smell what I mean?

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