How to create an innovation ecosystem? How to develop a whole community for innovation in Ukraine? Meet UNIT.City, Ukraine’s largest innovation park (25 hectares, 150 tech companies, coding school, 3000 residents, 1000 students, 400 events a year). Discover and understand “the secret sauce” of their transformational project.

UNIT.City is creating a movement of local tech talent, startups, corporates, and funds, aiming to put Ukraine along the top global innovation & tech hotspots. The vision of UNIT.City is to design & build smart cities for startups, innovative companies & creative people, to be THE place to turn ideas into life thanks to an ecosystem of education, investment, network, and partnership. All supported by the culture of wholeness and innovation.

Dominique Piotet has joined UNIT.City September ‘19, coming as a digital transformation expert and leader, with a 20+ years in strategy and operational digital transformation for Fortune 500 companies. Serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, international speaker and author. Dominique will be joined by Constantine Yevtushenko, UNIT.City Managing Partner, and Kateryna Pylypyuk, UNIT.City CMO. 

Special thanks to Yelena Kharitonova (Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency)


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