Wearable Technologies and wearers’ experiences in ultra-personalization

Very soon we will enjoy garments and wearables that are mass-produced but personalized based on our unique body shapes and needs. Examples from the academic world and industry confirm this trend – eyewear, lingerie, shoes can already be produced for unique bodies of wearers. While these developments are exciting, up until now little attention was paid to wearers’ experiences during body data collection. For example, some studies suggest that 3D body scanning (technology that allows to capture wearer’s body geometry and use it for product personalization) can negatively affect people who experience it. In fact, some people find viewing their 3D visualization a shocking experience. In this talk we will share insights from the study we run at the Eindhoven University of Technology and our vision on technological developments that will make personal data collection a comfortable process.

Svetlana Mironcika is an interaction designer and researcher of interactive and smart products and services that address and appeal to the human body and bodily skills, this includes smart garment design, design for motorics, design for kinesthetic sense. She is currently a PhD candidate in Future Everyday group, department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology where her research focuses on co-creation processes of ultra-personalized wearables and garments. Her project is a part of the Dutch national project NextUPPS funded by NWO.

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