What does creation in confinement and isolation look like?

Designers Arvid & Marie discussed creativity and creation during confinement by presenting a new digital exhibition “Confined.Work”. In their born-digital gallery, they invite the visitor into their homes and display their work within its current production site. From their confined spaces — dispersed across country borders — the collective gives their individual answers to the question: What did isolation make you reflect on? Confined.Work is a collaboration with TAC, A+T Society, Baptiste Labat, Jonas Ersland, Arvid&Marie, Mikaela Steby Stenfalk and Post Neon.

Arvid & Marie is a duo of artists, experience designers and technological adventurers always aiming to discover new ways to stretch our world. Together Arvid Jense and Marie Caye ( collaborate on their shared passion for art and technology. Through the use of interactive objects and performative story telling, Arvid&Marie use their collaborative effort to explore post-human theories, focusing their creative attention on practical cybernetics and autonomous machines. They believe that researching how humans express themselves, philosophically and technologically, can lead to long lasting, positive change.

This edition is made possible by Foundation Art + Tech Society.


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