Our social, economic and environmental systems are in crisis. We have exceeded the limits of our planet. Our continuous consumption resulted in more inequality and injustice. To avoid ending up on a Mars-like planet and in order to move forward to a more equal and just society, we need to radically change our modus operandi. Let us imagine alternatives, experiment and speculate, and rebuild our society better.

Baltan does this by speculating the imaginary. They focus on fundamental questions. They approach urgent topics and themes from an artistic perspective, to spark new ideas and imagine alternative horizons. Baltan initiates experimentation and research on the crossroads of art, design, science and technology. By bridging the gaps between disciplines, Baltan evokes inquisitive ideas and insights. They connect curious individuals and organizations. By placing artistic and conceptual research at the core of our activities, we explore the implications, promises and pitfalls of our society. Creating a space for reflection, research and experimentation.

Marlou van der Cruijsen is program leader at Baltan Laboratories. She has a strong interest in the transformative power of arts and culture. She holds a master’s degree in Cultural Studies from Radboud University in Nijmegen (NL). From 2013 she works at Baltan Laboratories, a cultural lab in Eindhoven. In her role she manages specific projects and the organizations’ cultural program in general.

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