Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an emerging healthcare problem that if not properly tackled will lead to 15M deaths worldwide by 2050. Creating awareness and material technology alternatives to prevent and treat infection is of key importance. Chris Arts gave an introduction into the world of antibiotics and discusses the gravity of AMR, developments to tackle AMR and more about his project NWA Dartbac.

Chris Arts is Associate Professor of Translational Biomaterials at the TU/e research group Orthopaedic Biomechanics and at the Maastricht University Medical Centre where he heads the Laboratory for Experimental Orthopaedics. His clinical research focuses on translational biomaterials for delayed bone healing, infection treatment and spine deformity correction. This entails both the mechanical and biological assessment of biomaterials safety and efficacy performance but also longitudinal metabolic changes in the body. Utilizing high-resolution imaging combined with computational modeling the incorporation, remodeling and resorption phase of the biomaterials with the host tissue can be assessed.

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