The Embassy of Inclusive Society is primarily a plea for a more diverse and inclusive design field. A plea for a greater number of designers with diverse and inclusive backgrounds. Where the outcome is an open society that strives for the participation of all, a society in which everyone feels included and represented. How does such an outcome look? What happens when you match 2 design teams with different backgrounds, that have never met before, to do the spatial design of the Embassy’s pavilion for the Dutch Design Week?

Design research is the signature of Studio Corvers. Challenges in society inspire the experiments and innovative projects. The main focus of the studio is diversity and inclusive design, the human size fitting in public space. Repeating themes in the projects are inclusive design, innovative sustainability and social interaction.

Maria Piels is a qualified architect with international orientation, who believes that our built environment can cohabit by facilitating positive encounters, empower its users, reflect our emotions, and bring us closer to the tranquillity of nature. She is currently working with Inbo Architects

This edition was made possible by Dutch Design Foundation.