How can a home contribute to the regeneration of the water system? Most homes extract high-quality drinking water for low-value applications such as flushing toilets, and discharge used water (with all kinds of important nutrients) to the sea as quickly as possible. It’s time for a different approach: we have to work together with nature and put water first.

Regenerative housing is on the rise and the Embassy of Water hopes to contribute to the implementation in the field of water. We are working towards ‘water cohabitation’, with homes, residential areas and communities that contribute to a healthy and resilient water system.

Product designer Anouk van der Poll collaborates with partners Waterboard De Dommel, the Province of North-Brabant, the City of Eindhoven and Brabant Water, to challenge designers and stakeholders to create alternative, optimistic perspectives on water issues and map out the way to get there.

This edition is made possible by Dutch Design Foundation.

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