The legal system is a human design that also designs and acts on us: the legal codes become internalised and absorbed by the collective body. With an academic background in both law and design, Viktória Kaslik explores how meaning can be made through artistic research, how it can expand the way we think about the current legal system and how design can offer a critical way of thinking and being. Attorney-at-Law and founding partner of Eindhoven-based “Law and More Advocaten” Maxim Hodak will accompany Victória on this subject.
This talk is made possible by Caravan Cultura.

Alternations between the fields of theatre decors, art exhibitions, metalworking and design have shaped Anco de Jonge‘s work into being poetic yet pragmatic. His practice revolves around a curiosity about how things work and how it relates to the human being. During our second talk of the evening, given by Anco de Jonge, we will delve into two of his projects exhibited at Kazerne for Design Open.

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