CASA 1.0 is a comfortable, affordable and sustainable alternative for Dutch social housing. It was developed by Team CASA, a student team of the Eindhoven University of Technology, together with many partners and sponsors. The goal: integrating new and existing sustainable HVAC and building techniques into a single housing concept, the CASA 1.0.

By the end of June/beginning of July, the building of the pilot CASA 1.0 will have finished in Brainport Smart District. The development was a unique process, involving around 100 students and 75 companies over a 5-year period. In this talk, Team CASA shares some of the insights from this long, arduous but very rewarding process!

Antoine Post has a BSc. in both International Business Administration and a BSc. in Applied Physics, Antoine has a strong background in both engineering and strategic business administration. He is currently enrolled in a double MSc. program in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering. In addition, he is founder and chair of Foundation Team CASA, a team of over 20 international students working on sustainable housing in the Netherlands.

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