The land we live on, with its specific natural resources and habitat and the connections we’ve built with it throughout generations broadly define our identity and sense of belonging. Project Home(land) uses authentic Ukrainain crafts, knowledge of our grandmother on nature and Dutch cutting-edge expertise in bio-design. Material research is used as a hands on framework to narrate stories of our (native) land and asks questions on multi-species & multi-cultural collaboration and ways of growing a hopeful future.

Dasha Tsapenko investigates alternative production processes and (re)designs daily routines around the body and its dress.
she collaborates with various non-human species to co-create grown textiles and garments. These result in speculative rituals for the future, while the outcomes aim to become manifestos of value above profit, circularity above linearity, and interconnectivity above anthropocentricity.

This event is made possible by Caravan Cultura.

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