Growing up with a chronic disease can be hard. Having to deal with complicated day to day logistics and being distinctly different from healthy peers is a reality for children and young adults diagnosed with a chronic disease. Peer understanding and awareness of what it means to be chronically ill decreases social stress and increases quality of life. However, communicating the effects of chronic illness to peers is challenging. We followed a user-centric design process to develop “It’s All in the Game”, exploring the value of procedural rhetoric to foster disease-related communication between children with cystic fibrosis. Through this design, we explore procedural communication of the effects of chronic disease, ultimately aiming to increase quality of life with a chronic disease through an engaging board game that is above all, fun to play.

Lieke Vermeulen holds a Master’s in Industrial Design from Eindhoven University of Technology. Her work aims to address complexity, create meaningful communication, and connect people.

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